Is it farting? Roaring success


Dogs are one of the most famous Farter of the animal kingdom. As you know from my previous posts on the Dog Fart Suit, not only did we research the contents of dog flatus, we even thought about how we could make their farts less smelly.

But looking no further than dog fart would be a grave injustice for the rest of the animal kingdom. What began when curious tweet – “Fart snakes?” – turned into a catchy hashtag #DoesItFart, followed by an animal fart database and now a book, Is it farting? The definitive guide to bloating in animals, out this week from Nick Caruso and Dani Rabaiotti, illustrated by Ethan Kocak.

The book is packed with fart facts that will give time for the farters, the non-farters, and those on whom the fart jury is not yet present. Caruso and Rabaiotti even come to logical conclusions about the gas potential of long-gone dinosaurs (yes to the fart) as well as mythical unicorns (horses with a single horn? Of course they would fart).

Is it farting? is the kind of book that reaches everyone. A spouse could pick it up – like I did last night – and honestly say, “Wow. There are at least four different types of giraffes, each with a different coat pattern. And they farted! “While a 6 year old asked me, ‘Fart goldfish?’ (No). Is it farting? can be read cover to cover, or the table of contents can take you to your species of interest and if it is farting.

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