Leave no sheet intact: watch Stella destroy stacks of sheets


Autumn is a magical season. For us humans, autumn might mean picnics, scarves, and pumpkin spice slabs, but for Stella the Labrador Retriever, it’s all about the leaves.

Stella is a vibrant, happy girl who lives with her family in Maine, where the season really stands out. Like most girls, she loves when the air gets chilly because she knows it brings her favorite fall thing with it – leaves. When the trees turn red, yellow, and orange, it’s time for Stella to shine! No leaf is safe when this stupid girl is around! When your family collects loose leaves in a pile, they know it won’t be long.

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Our friends at shared this fun video showing Stella celebrating her favorite time of the year! She made leaf pile diving an art form!

Stella has incredible technique. There is no hesitation. No doubt. In slow motion or even in a butterfly costume, she finds her way to the middle of the pile. Stella sails through the air and dives right into the heart of the leaves with the grace of a diving swan.

By the way, did you notice that she is wearing a MONARCH butterfly costume? It’s because she is the queen of leaves!

If this were an Olympic sport, Stella would surely get the gold in leaf diving. She is a natural one! I’ll give you extra points, Stella, for the excellent tail wagging after landing. You look like a pile of leaves with a fluffy golden tail. Bravo!

Somebody gets Andrew Cotter to comment on this one – I think we need him!

Leaves aren’t the only thing that Stella has a knack for immersing himself in. Stella is a year-round athlete. In the warmer months, she likes to dive into the water near her home for tennis balls.

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And in winter snowmen in their top hats tremble when they see Stella approaching. The “frosty assassin”, as she was called, loves to mow snowmen wherever she sees them. Her goal is lethal and she wraps snowmen into a pile of snowflakes in seconds!

@ dognamedstella / FB

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