Meet Max


Name and age of the dog: Max, 14 years

Adoption history: Max was adopted by an animal rescue team at the age of 8 months. I was told that it was the product of accidental breeding and that the pups were undesirable. I assure Max every day that he was definitely not an accident and that he is very much wanted. I named Max after the dog in The Grinch. He is a blessing and as perfect a dog as I could ever hope to be!

Max’s absolute favorite thing to do is meet people, so we can do pet therapy work in nursing homes and hospitals, so we can put a smile on people’s faces. Max has an incredible ability to identify what someone needs and to help them. I am constantly in awe of his gift.

I’ll give an example: I went to a campsite with Max and a woman asked if she could stroke Max. She informed me that she recently lost her granddaughter in a car accident. She said there was something about Max that made her get to know him. When she turned to leave, she bent down and whispered to Max – thanking him for helping her smile again.

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