New Annenberg PetSpace Explores the Human-Animal Bond


Visit us on Sunday, June 24th, for the Wallis Annenberg PetSpace AnniFURsary celebration! Annenberg PetSpace is located in Playa Vista and is dedicated to celebrating and strengthening the special bonds we share with our pets. Join us on June 24th to meet adoptable dogs, cats and rabbits in their state-of-the-art adoption suites. You can ride the 2-story indoor slide, play on a human-sized hamster wheel, or watch a short, informative demo with our adoptable pets. While you’re there, grab a free meal from a participating food truck or enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of the space. The whole family is welcome and no entry fee is required. Bring your dogs too – we have fun activities for them too! Where LA comes from to play, adopt, learn and grow. Click here for event information.

“In my life, animals have been a profound gift – not just dear companions, but also teachers and healers who showed how to live and love fully and in the moment. That is why the opening of Annenberg PetSpace is so exciting for me. It will be a world class space where one can study the joys and secrets of life in all its forms. It will be an innovative and interactive place for families to engage with animals and animal lovers of all kinds. “

—Annenberg Foundation Chairman and CEO Wallis Annenberg

In the 20 years of reporting and celebrating dog culture in all its forms, we’ve seen tremendous improvements in the way dogs are housed in animal shelters. As one of the earliest companies to make these improvements, SF SPCA’s Maddie’s Adoption Center (which also opened about 20 years ago) led the way in promoting the value of environmental enrichment for their “guests” at the shelter. It’s not just about better digging, however.

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