New Year’s Resolutions With Dogs In Mind


It is easy to want to improve, and yet difficult. If our motivation is to make our dogs’ lives better, it can be a little easier to change things for the better in the New Year. Here are eleven of the most popular New Year’s resolutions and ways a dog turn can make life better for you and your best friend.

Travel to a new place. Travel can be expensive and daunting. Luckily, you don’t have to go to Paris or Singapore when it comes to dogs. Any place with new smells is an exciting adventure. Whether it’s a new park, a new path, or even a new neighborhood, going to a new place will be a great joy for most dogs – even if it’s not very far away.

Make new friends. If you have a dog who is social, hanging out with friends more often will add joy to your dog’s life. Try to have more people than last year and let your dog join in. Or arrange a few play dates with dog friends – hopefully with those whose guardians you like. If there aren’t many dogs in your social circle, ask about good matches for your dog. It’s not just vets and trainers that many dogs know. Neighbors, stylists, yoga teachers, dentists, and everyone else you know may know the perfect dog for your best friend.

Stick to a budget. If you stick to yours, you may find money that you’ve been carelessly spending and then spend it more purposefully – maybe on your dog. Groceries, toys, linen and chewing items cost money. Include dog supplies and fun extras in your budget so your dog can benefit from your financial know-how. Deciding how to spend your money is the purpose of a budget, and that gives you the freedom to spend it on your dog.

Train more. More exercise is a win-win situation. Exercise offers many known benefits for humans and dogs alike. For dog protectors, there is an added bonus that comes with doing something good for yourself while walking, running, hiking or biking. You make your canine companion so happy. If your dog can come with you when you go outside to be active, there is no greater gift to give.

Stretch out every morning. Dogs do this consistently, and we would be wise to follow suit. A morning stretch is something you can do together to start the day off right, get the body moving, and avoid injury or stiffness. It’s fun to see how many dogs react when their humans join them in the morning. Most dogs seem confused but are happy to spend time together.

Eat more green. Eating your greens is good for your health and you don’t need to oppose this action. Just look at your dog who is likely to be happily devouring Greenies dog treats and you can both enjoy the benefits of fresher breath.

Spend more time with the family. If you can afford to work fewer hours, this is a great opportunity to focus more on family. Dogs prefer when we don’t work late. So when you can, do your best to work less or more efficiently so that you can spend more time with those you love, including your dog.

Learn a new skill. You don’t have to burden yourself with promises to learn French or dance the tango. Many of us are far more likely to enjoy learning skills that will improve both our dog’s life and our own. Whether you’re interested in agility, enrolling in a trick and game course, or learning how to give a dog massage, your dog will benefit from your new educational activities.

Lose weight. This solution is extremely common, although not everyone who makes it would actually benefit from losing weight. If your health can If you are losing a few pounds this is a great goal. This also applies to your dog. If you can do it together, the better if it means more walks, more energy, and better health. However, don’t do it for looks – just remember that you and your dog will look great regardless of your size.

Organize yourself. Being more organized means less stress and more time to hang out with your best friend. It also means you can walk out the door faster and have less fear of disorganization. Avoiding these negative emotions can be beneficial for your dog because many dogs are so intuitive and respond to our feelings. Start small when you organize yourself. Perhaps you can only organize a small part of your life each day, starting with your wallet, drawer or shelf you use for dog treats, or where you keep leashes.

Incorporate more play into your life. Take your time to have fun. In other words, be more like a dog – there is no better way to add joy to your life.

Changing canines on New Year’s resolutions can be very inspiring. How will your dog motivate you to be an even better version of yourself in 2020?

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