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We speak to the organizers of the Best Friend’s Society’s “No More Homeless Pets 2012” conference, which will be held in Las Vegas from October 25th to 28th. Find out how you can be part of the solution – attend this important and informative conference.

Q. How did the No More Homeless Pets Conference come about?

A. The No More Homeless Pets Conference is legendary for its ability to bring like-minded people together who want to make proactive, sustainable change for pets. It was under this premise that their sponsor, the Best Friends Animal Society, was founded. In the beginning, their origins were as basic as they could possibly be. They recognized the problem – stray, abandoned, neglected, and abused animals – and created a haven. They provided local animal care and control around Kanab, including southern Utah and northern Arizona. When we say they built the sanctuary, they did everything from making the blueprints for the specialized buildings to physically constructing the buildings.

During the construction of the nation’s largest non-killing wildlife sanctuary, they also began sharing information on how to work better and smarter for the animals.People from different countries, socio-economic and educational backgrounds came together and rushed headlong into work, around a time Achieve No More Homeless Pets. The conference was the next logical step in bringing these like-minded people together. The conference started more than 10 years ago with around 250 participants. Last year had more than 1,300 visitors.

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