Ode to Nikki


How do you recover
From the loss of a best friend
To know that there are no more soft, velvet black ears to rub
No more claw dancing across the kitchen floor in the morning
Are you looking for chicken treats for breakfast?

How do you deal with it?
To know that there is no longer a wagging creature beside you
Run ahead on walks through the rocky mountain forests of Devil’s Hopyard
Look at them with one blue and one brown eye
When people stop telling you what a beautiful dog you have.

What’s next?
When you won’t hear the lonely shot at night
Or see a buddy excited car ready to walk in
And snuggle up to your side
For a warm hibernation?

How are you doing
When you get home from work
And see you sitting there on the kitchen counter
Is an empty red and white striped collar
Without Nikki?

How you do that
Gardening in your yard
When there is no longer a master of the rabbits or
Squirrel overseer
Wave from the lettuce patch?

How do you get into it when you know that?
Your husky mix never lets you know
That it was her last day
Before she lay down stoically on the bathroom floor
To rest once and for all?


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