Parkland Therapy Dogs Appear In Yearbook


School yearbooks help us remember the events and activities of the year, as well as all members of the community – teachers, staff, classmates, and others. The “Others” in this year’s edition of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Yearbook include 14 therapy dogs. These trained dogs first appeared on the day the students returned to school after a mass shooting in February 2018, and have brought comfort and happiness to this tragedy school.

The employees of the yearbook had the idea to dedicate a page of their yearbook to these therapy dogs when a dog of the school’s media specialist was photographed on picture day. On the day of the make-up pictures, the therapy dogs were photographed so that their portraits could be included in the annual publication.

The response to the page in honor of these therapy dogs was positive. The portrait of the dog with the bow tie has led to cheap comparisons with prom images. There were suggestions that each of these therapy dogs should be a “Valedogtorian”. Although some people have commented on the terrifying reality that therapy dogs are so common in school, they still believe that getting them published in the yearbook was a good call.

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