Puppy decides to be a pumpkin for Halloween without his parents’ permission


Luke the Australian Shepherd puppy has the same attitude as almost every human child: when he’s not allowed to do something, it’s more fun! Since moving to his new home a few months ago, he’s been causing as much trouble as possible. He loves to chew on anything and everything, especially when he knows it’s not for him.

Most of the time, Luke’s behavior is aggravating, but sometimes it brings people a good laugh. A perfect example is when he decided to stick his head in a pumpkin!

Image: Screenshot, Storyful Rights Management YouTube

Halloween preparations

Most puppies are forced to wear silly costumes that their humans have chosen for Halloween. But Luke doesn’t like being told what to do! Becca Ann Hoerner, Luke’s mother, was very aware of this fact, which is why she rarely leaves the mischievous puppy alone. But one day she thought it would be okay if she just left him at home for 15 minutes. Boy was she wrong?

In those 15 minutes, Luke decided to cause as much destruction as possible. He also decided to personally choose his Halloween costume this year. He quickly settled on a jack-o’-lantern decoration that would fit perfectly over his head after chewing through the floor. The only problem was that he couldn’t do it!

“We drove to the house and my husband let in the bags, but quickly ran back from the house laughing hysterically,” said Hoerner. “He yelled at me to come into the house and the only information he would give me is, ‘You have to see this. ‘I was immediately concerned until I got to the door and Luke was there to greet me with a massive nodding gourd on his head! “

Pumpkin head dog
Image: Becca Ann Hoerner Facebook

After laughing and taking lots of photos, Hoerner finally helped Luke get the pumpkin off his head. You’d think he’d learn his lesson after that, but he definitely didn’t.

Puppies never seem to learn

Having a big pumpkin head might bother some dogs, but Luke didn’t mind. He was just as cheerful and energetic with the pumpkin as he was when he was turned off. When his parents got home, he hurried to greet them and tried to look through the pumpkin’s eye holes instead of trying to remove them.

Carrying a pumpkin didn’t seem to deter Luke from his disruptive behavior either. He’s still trying to get into anything he shouldn’t. This makes Hoerner reluctant to leave him alone, because once they left the house, Luke probably jumped on the table to grab the pumpkin. The stem had even been chewed off before sticking its head.

Dog carries pumpkin
Image: Screenshot, Storyful Rights Management YouTube

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“It is literally all day and all night that he gets involved in things that he shouldn’t. I swear he knows what he shouldn’t have and goes straight to it,” said Hoerner. “Since we brought him home, we’ve had to collect all things plastic, metal, ceramic, brick and even concrete because he will chew / carry anything but a dog toy!”

What trouble will Luke get in next? It is clear that the pumpkin was not the end of its mischievous days. Maybe he’ll find an even better costume soon!

Check out a fun video of the event here:

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