Recipes for dogs: gluten-free amaranth waffles


Every dog ​​deserves the occasional cookie, but some treats can cause allergies or abdominal discomfort. dog biscuits helps you with 30 easy-to-follow recipes for healthy, allergen-free treats – including vegetarian and gluten-free treats – so you can find the perfect biscuit regardless of your dog’s diet.

3 ½ tablespoons soft butter or margarine
1 free range egg
2 cups of amaranth flour
1 cup of carrot juice
2 tbsp hazelnuts (if your dog has a nut allergy, you can use oat flakes, millet flakes or spelled flakes * instead)
1 tbsp baking powder
A preheated waffle iron
Makes 5 waffles

Put the butter in the food processor or hand mixer and beat vigorously until it is loose. Add the egg. Mix the flour, nuts or oatmeal and the baking powder and pour the carrot juice into the butter and egg mixture. Combine all the ingredients. The batter should be a thick mixture that will slide off the spoon. If it’s too firm, add more carrot juice. If it’s too runny add more amaranth flour. Put three tablespoons of batter in the waffle iron for each waffle.

Important: Always let the waffles cool down before eating.

Treat tip
The butter-egg mixture does not bind properly, but “collects” itself. This is because there is no sugar in the dough. Once you’ve added all of the other ingredients, the mixture will stick together.

* Spelled flakes contain gluten

Printed with permission from Veloce Publishing Ltd., publisher of dog biscuits by Martina Schöps

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