Repackaging and Rebranding the Business of Dog Rescue


In the book of the journalist Kim Kavin The dog dealersShe explores the complex businesses and networks involved in buying, selling, and “returning” dogs: breeders, pet shops, pet dealers, AKC, local shelters, and rescue organizations. Her goal is to fuel the conversation about treating dogs, from puppy mills to animal shelters with high kill rates. In the following excerpt, Kavin explains how renaming guard dogs can make them more desirable and therefore more adaptable.

Her face is pale, probably not only in the black and white photo but in real life as well. She looks back at the camera over her right shoulder with desperately large and bloodshot eyes. Nobody has to hear her speak to know she has to be released. “Chained to a desk with nothing but a mouse to entertain them,” says the big guy of the aviator.

In another plane it is a man, also pale and hunched over. He looks as if the air around him has become so thick and stagnant that he can no longer bear to rise. The corners of the mouth are turned down, damn close to the cheeks. “It is kept in a tiny box nine hours a day,” they say. “And ignored.”

These fliers are not dogs. They are people – models photographed in office conference rooms under the glow of a booth computer screen, wearing the dismayed expressions shared by nine to five concrete jungle prisoners, all as part of a groundbreaking campaign called “The” ” Human walking program. “

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