Safety-First Dog puts chair under his exercising mother


With the novel coronavirus continuing to keep us all at home, we had to find creative ways to do sports. The gyms are mostly closed and not everyone has a home gym. So some have figured out how to create one. One woman, @monsterrats on Twitter, installed a pull-up bar between the beams of her garage. She uses a fold-out dining room chair to reach it.

Obviously, the chair is not needed for the actual pull-up part. Your little dog doesn’t know this, however. He just wants to make sure that his human doesn’t hit the ground and get hurt. In a video that was viewed nearly 6 million times on Twitter, this cautious puppy “saves” his mother by pushing the chair in her path. His mother wrote:

“S.o Help my dog ​​put the chair under my feet and love him to death. “

@ monsterrats / Twitter

This sweetheart is a Miniature Schnauzer / Boston Terrier mix named Igor. He is almost a year old and already so intuitive and loving. Igor wants to be where his mother is, even if that means gazing in admiration while she exercises.

@ monsterrats / Twitter

After his thoughtful rescue, he stands guard to make sure she does not suffer any pull-up injuries. His mother told the dodo how surprised she was when Igor did this for the first time.

“The movement with the chair was out of nowhere. Little did I know he was going to push it. “

@ monsterrats / Twitter

She swears she didn’t train Igor to do this, and as someone who trusts in the pure goodness of dogs, I believe her. He’s just a good boy with an eye for safety!

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The numbers this video hit speak volumes about how people think about it, but some agreed with appreciative words.

“He held the chair tight after moving it OMFG under the love of his life !!!!” – @ datGheeChiGul via Twitter

It’s like, “Ma’am, can you get down please, it’s not safe.” – @ melissapolendo via Twitter

I am a cat person myself, but I have to admit that cats would let me die. “- –@Czhorat via Twitter

@ monsterrats / Twitter

I am willing to bet many of us can relate to training in front of our dogs. I say “try” because they are just so good at interrupting when they seem to think they are helping us. I will tolerate any well-intentioned interruption!

My dog ​​likes to lick me when I do sit-ups, and I like to pretend it’s love and not he enjoys the taste of my sweat. These dogs have also stopped training their people:

I think Igor is a great spotter and an even better protector.

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Featured image: @ monsterrats / Twitter

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