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When Nicole and Brian Baummer first took their newly adopted black lab, Finn, to the vet, they were surprised by the response from the clinic staff. Finn is particularly social and well-behaved, but the receptionist looked upset when she pulled out a folder with a bright red “caution” sticker on it.

“We caused a stir,” says Nicole. “They immediately remembered Finn from visiting their office with his previous owners – and not in a good way. Apparently he had been very aggressive and had interacted negatively with everyone. They even had to silence him. “

It is true that Finn was well on his way to becoming a juvenile delinquent when its first owners decided to abandon him. At five months old, wild, unruly and overwrought, he had acted aggressively towards one of the three young children with whom he shared a chaotic household.

Shelters everywhere are full of dogs like Finn, and their prospects are particularly bleak. However, thanks to a new model for animal rehabilitation and adoption in Connecticut, Finn didn’t become an euthanasia statistic – he became a success story.

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