“Shelter” Is a Noun


“I could never go into any of these places. You are so sad. I want to bring all the dogs home. “When I tell people that I work for the Humane Society’s Silicon Valley, I hear it a lot, the card“ It’s so sad ”. This is usually followed by a story of horror at a local animal shelter, or worse, how they cry when they see that Sarah McLachlan commercial on TV.

The Sarah McLachlan ad doesn’t make me cry, it makes me angry. Because it’s only half a story.

Terrible things happen to animals. However, it is not only wrong to present shelters as barred and caged places where these sad abuse victims are imprisoned, but they also harm the animals they are supposedly trying to help. Who would want to enter one of these places? And what kind of sad, damaged animal would you bring into your house? The best thing is to simply send a check, buy it from a breeder and leave the animals to their own devices. At least you sent the check.

When I was 19, I had late-stage lymph cancer. During my two-year treatment, I walked yellow with jaundice, doughy steroids and a squeaky bald head, a baseball cap covering my head. It is obviously ridiculous to see a picture of me while I was being treated for cancer and to assume that it tells you something about who I am all the time. It doesn’t tell you that I have a bad sense of humor and a bad mouth, or that I’m a book addict and unabashed dog freak who sings along to Lionel Richie on the radio.

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