Shhh: These 17 dogs are trying to learn!


When I was a kid, my dog ​​Dudley put his paws on an open book so it almost looked like he was reading. I couldn’t get over how human he looked, and I had to snap a picture of Dudley’s “reading”. Of course, I’m not the only canine person to make this connection. “Learning” from dogs is actually a kind of photography in its own right.

Here are just 17 brilliant examples of hardworking pups who are clearly learning and absorbing the books they lie on:

1. Paws-on learning

@ ProfMAGeorge / Twitter

Dr. Marie-Amelie George, professor of law, started the conversation on Twitter. She shared this photo of a little dachshund putting his little paws on a thick book and explaining:

“I ask my students to send me photos of their dogs that are working in class. It’s an underrated genre of photography. “

2. Maintain appearances

Dog reading
@ littlebluedog2 / Twitter

This learned pup just wants to make sure that their brand is strong and that their looks are up to the breed standard.

3. “He has his own work area…. A little small. “

Dogs learn
@ Ryanoss123 / Twitter

They say it’s important to separate the place you work from the place you relax so that this dog has his own study area.

4. Paw & Order

@ millerlawmd / Twitter

The tweeter who shared this photo stated:

“When I was studying law, my dog ​​was fascinated by the Admiralty Act. Nice college buddy, a little weak at determining the status of workers at sea. “

5. Next slide please

@ seujoaod / Twitter

All that is required to view a course slideshow is one paw on the arrow keys.

6. Can’t you see that I’m busy?

Dog reading book
@ 5thearl / Twitter

This husky is way too busy studying important things to play. Can’t you see that

7. Learn too hard

@ mrityunjay_99 / Twitter

The poor little pug was wiped out trying to feed itself.

8. They don’t read glasses

@ KorinneRiccardo / Twitter

If you don’t have reading glasses with which you can pose your “studying” dog, sunglasses should be enough.

9. Read through your nose

Dog reading book
@ libby_adler / Twitter

It may be irrelevant to the text on the page, but the puppy will learn some interesting things about the book itself by sniffing it.

10. Hm, fascinating!

@ jarvis.the.westie / Instagram

This Westie is very intrigued by everything he’s studying.

11. “What is a synonym for” good boy “?”

Dog in class
@ Nycdapperdan / Instagram

Someone? Somebody helps a good boy.

12. Writing down your notes helps your memory!

@ _maxie.and.moose_ / Instagram

This dog will take the information on the screen better by writing it down on paper. Sure he’s doing this here.

13. This pup just learned that we are all made of star stuff

Dog studies
@ giddy.guap / Instagram

He’s really thinking about life in a whole new way now.

14. “Is the Internet not available to other people?”

@ SaraEgan12 / Twitter

Nowadays, classes cannot continue without a solid WiFi connection.

15. All Nighter Fail

Dog studies
@ CapSavage24 / Twitter

Well, there’s only so much you can record after 4 a.m. anyway, buddy.

16.How I feel about college math:

@ maxtheterriermix / Instagram

It’s all there on this confused dog’s face.

17. Human history is complicated

@ mlbacher / Twitter

Dog story is a lot easier. Dog meets man, dog loves man, dog becomes man friend. The end.

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