Smiling Dog: Honey


Cuddle lover, connoisseur, charming dog.

With an estimated age of three, Honey is ready to live her best life. She left the puppy phase behind and chewed the next best thing. She is a young adult now and exudes sophistication and confidence. She knows what she wants in life and she strives for it: a home forever.

Honey currently lives at her local animal shelter which has allowed her to add worldly experiences to her resume. She has met four-legged friends from all over the county, heard many different barks and howls, and has even been exposed to cat culture. Her stay has taught her to see things from different perspectives and she feels that her free-spirited personality would add to the everyday life of her new family.

True to her name, this cutie wears a honey-colored coat with summery highlights and is fortunately not aware of her beauty, which exudes the charm of a dog next door and an effortless flair. If she had to point out what she likes most about herself, Honey would choose her caring personality with which to win her new family over.

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