Smiling Dog: Jax


Name and age of the dog: Jax, 1 year

Adoption history: I was ready to adopt a dog and I thought a smaller breed would suit me best. When I first discovered Jax, I wasn’t sure about the size and the amount of work involved. But since I’ve always been a dog and melted away for puppies, I decided to take him with me. He was full of energy, very happy and I fell in love. Jax kept me busy and kept my spirits up with his goofy antics. I now believe that he came into my life for a reason and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Behind the name: Jax was named after a character from the TV series Sons of anarchy.

Jaxson’s favorite things: His absolute favorite place is the dog park so that he can meet up with his friends. He likes to take long walks and looks forward to his Kong every morning.

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