Smiling Dog: Jester


He is cool. He is sweet. He is confident.

He’s a fool.

The fun-loving shepherd mix has temporarily settled in his local animal shelter, where he makes sure that the playground is never boring and is ready to charm his way into his eternal home.

Jester owns the farm with his movie dog smile and personality that dates back to the nineties. When he leaves his kennel to go to the green spot that is his stage, he is greeted with howls and cheers that set the mood for the afternoon entertainment. Once inside the play pen, Jester enjoys showing off his stunning coat in all its glory, jumping around with youthful energy and splashing water over himself to cool off while enjoying the attention of beaten four-legged friends barking at him from the other side of the fence.

Although he values ​​his celebrity status, Jester doesn’t let his newfound fame sink in. He’s truly a down to earth dog who enjoys the simple things life has to offer, like a bowl of fresh water, his favorite treats, and an early morning walk on warm spring days.

When he lies on his bed in his kennel at night, thinking about his life and goals, Jester dreams of what it will be like when he has found his perfect home, always and forever. On a lazy Sunday he sees himself cuddled up to his new favorite biped, imagines himself playing fetch in the courtyard and imagining himself sitting by the window at night, staring and thinking into the darkness and the stars : “Life is great. ”

And when he wakes up in the morning, Jester puts on his bright smile and starts his day with excitement because he is convinced that his dream will come true and that maybe today is just the day.

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