Smiling Dog: Juno


Name and age of the dog: Juno, 2 years

Adoption history: I took care of her mother, who was a guard dog and had nine beautiful puppies, and decided to keep one of the puppies and chose Juno. She turned out to be such a cute dog who gets along with everyone. Juno was instrumental in working with other guard dogs. She helps by testing the temperament of the other dogs at the shelter. As part of a program called Doggy Day Out, we also take protection dogs with us for the day.

Juno’s balance, self-confidence and spirit almost always have a very positive effect on the Guard Dogs. She was the perfect role model for the protection dogs I introduce to her. I also groom and Juno had a great relationship with foster dogs and modeling positive dog behavior. She has been great at helping other guard dogs as part of their own adoption process.

Juno is one of those dogs who possesses the ability to read other dogs and people, and instinctively react to almost any situation. She is calm, balanced, self-confident and a wonderful companion. She is a sweet soul who brought me great joy. I really enjoy being in the company of this loving heeler mix.

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