Springtime Checklist for Dog Owners


Spring officially starts at the end of March, but it can come sooner or later depending on where you live. Either way, if you live with pets, now is a good time to check out this spring checklist.

personal hygiene

• Nursing is a year-round activity, but in order to avoid “fears” it is time to reinforce it. Many dogs lose their winter coats, so be extra diligent when combing / brushing. A professional shares their tips.

• Give your dog the sniff test. If your breath or ears are a little, good, smelly, start at home with a good brushing of your teeth or a gentle ear wash, or have your veterinarian examine them. And if your dog is one of those afflicted with anal glands, ask your veterinarian, groomer, or other professional to check them out as well.

• Pollen and dust can affect your dog, especially in spring. Contact your veterinarian to treat allergies.

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