States prohibit pet leasing


Which of these things is not like the others: a car, a house, a couch, a dog. Obviously the answer is a dog, a living, breathing being. However, in many states, all four are available to rent.

Described as a way to offset the sky-high prices for purebred and so-called designer dog pups, the lease-to-own system benefits sellers (pet stores and puppy factories that supply them) and private finance firms, who sign it far more than those who sign up for it.

Fortunately, Washington, Indiana, and New Jersey joined New York, California, and Nevada in banning pets (including dog leasing) this year when their governors signed bills banning those agreements. It is a practice that must be stopped nationwide. Not only are the interest rates on these leases astronomical, dogs can theoretically be repossessed if payments are not made – a real loss-loss scenario if ever there was one.

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