The addict


In about two weeks my dog ​​Fletcher will be very sad.

And he will most likely go through a retreat.

I say this because I fear Fletcher is addicted to cicadas. Granted, the dog has a well-documented history of eating bizarre things (even his vet was amazed), but that’s different. Before the cicadas arrived, I would have described Fletcher as your quintessential golden retriever. Friendly, good-natured, and eager to please, he is just a pleasure to have. He comes quickly when someone calls, insists on being by my side and honestly likes me better than anything else in his world. At least that’s what I thought. As a psychologist, I’m trained to spot addictive behaviors, and in the last month I’ve seen some disturbing signs from Fletcher.

Addiction has tell-tale signs. Addicts become fixated and intrusive in their attempts to achieve their fixation. They will travel to forbidden places to find what they think is necessary. They refuse to listen and will ignore the requests of loved ones who ask them to stop.

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