The automatic dog petting machine


Matt Thompson at Thompson Woodworking is a powerful handyman. As a craftsman and inventor of the Michigan Beer and Michigan Wine chairs, he recently turned his talent into creating a gizmo for his dogs Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie, a five year old German Shepherd, is one of those pups that would bump the head and now pet me, and while she’s charming, she can get in the way of a man doing his job too.

To satisfy Bonnie’s (and his) needs, Matt decided to build her a petting machine that was inspired by Rube Goldberg’s inventions. He went to work cutting the wooden gears with a band saw and then assembled them on a frame. An old cable drill doubles as a low-speed motor, delivering the speed it wanted and believed Bonnie would tolerate.

He tells us that it took a lot of goodies to lure Bonnie under the wooden hand and she would still rather be petted by her humans. Little Clyde really likes it but needs help getting within petting range.

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