The Daily Show’s Dogs with Jon Stewart


Here at The Bark we are always looking for stories that explore the really big ideas that affect dog lives. Our mission began 15 years ago when we started the magazine to cover the burgeoning dog park movement.

We recently had the opportunity to fulfill our mission indoors – to see how dogs bring harmony, community and an atmosphere of wellbeing to a very active and creative workplace. This particular tip came to us unexpectedly late last year. The subject line of the email was “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Dogs,” and was written by Renata Luczak, vice president of corporate communications for Comedy Central. Dogs had joined the ranks of The Daily Show, and staff and others thought it would be a good story for The Bark, and oh yes, they are “huge fans of Bark and would be so excited to be a part of it. “At Bark Central we were of course delighted and flattered, but we also took the story to heart. We were curious if these dogs could do so much better than other office dogs around the country.

To find out, I spent the spring day at the Daily Show offices in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, where I met the dogs, sat down with people, saw a photo shoot, and generally saw for myself how good the show’s dogs were it. Here is my report.

This dog-friendly workspace started about 15 years ago with Georgia Pappas, then the show’s production manager, and her Tibetan terrier Cosmo. Luckily for Pappas and Cosmo, Jon Stewart is crazy about dogs. The show’s offices and studio are in a building managed by Adriane Truex, who shares Stewart’s appreciation for dogs. Permission was granted quickly and it wasn’t long before more dogs followed suit.

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