The Health Benefits of Having a Dog


They are fun, uplifting, and sometimes seem to understand us in ways that no other person can. Science continues to prove that the animals in our lives offer us much more than camaraderie. Pets can help alleviate our distress and protect us from allergies simply by sharing our homes. Specially trained dogs can even spy out developing diseases and warn us about foods we shouldn’t be eating. Here is a list of ways having a dog near you can be good for your health.


It has been proven that having a dog coming home at the end of a long day reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.

As early as 2001, scientists found that patients who owned dogs appeared to maintain lower blood pressure during times of psychological stress than patients without dogs. Playing or petting a dog increases levels of the happiness hormone oxytocin and lowers levels of cortisol, which is responsible for feelings of stress and leads to a happier mood.

Ask any dog ​​owner if their dog makes them feel better and you will always get the same answer. Smarter animals like dogs recognize changes in the emotional state and body language of their human companion. A good cuddle can easily make you less anxious.

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