The Irish President’s puppy steals the limelight during the gritty tribute


If you ever meet Irish President Michael D. Higgins, you can expect to meet his dogs too. His Bernese Mountain Dogs have always had a reputation for stealing the show. And now the newest puppy in the family has joined in.

During a tribute to the late actor Tom Hickey, the Misneach pup stood right next to Higgins, just outside the frame. While Higgins seems serious during his speech, a behind-the-scenes video shows a different perspective: Misneach licks and gnaws vigorously on his father’s hand.

Image: Screenshot, @ Presidentirl / TikTok

A family of attention grabbing pups

President Higgins currently has two Bernese Mountain Dogs: Bród (pride) and Misneach (courage). Bród is already known for rubbing a stomach ache during an official event and stealing the limelight during Prince William and Kate Middleton’s visit. So Misneach must have learned his behavior from his big brother.

President of the Irish Dog Steals Show
Image: Screenshot, @ Presidentirl / TikTok

After Hickey’s death, Higgins gave a speech that lasted just under four minutes. It was very serious and heartfelt, and Higgins had a serious face all along. But little did anyone know, Misneach sat at his feet and distracted him all the time. The puppy can be seen at the bottom of the screen for a few seconds, but that’s the only sign of him in the official version.

But now the footage has been released behind the scenes. It’s a scaled down version of the speech that shows the dog right next to Higgins the whole time. While Higgins speaks, Misneach licks, nibbles, and chews on his father’s hand and clothes. Somehow these gimmicks don’t bother the president at all. But they made the world fall in love with the new pup!

Bernese Mountain Dog who is silly
Image: Screenshot, @ Presidentirl / TikTok

Dogs shouldn’t be missing!

The hilarious video soon went viral on all forms of social media, including Higgins’ own TikTok page. Viewers love the video because it really shows the love Misneach has for his father. And of course the puppy doesn’t want to be left out at any major event.

Misneach is only a few months old. Higgins brought him home shortly after the death of his other Bernese Mountain Dog named Síoda. As such a big animal lover, Higgins likes to have more than one dog at a time to make sure it is never “dogless”. Plus, it’s clear to see that his dogs give him so much pleasure, and he gives them the same love and support in return.

President Higgins and his Bernese Mountain Dogs
Image: @ Presidentirl / Instagram

While some canine dads might be annoying with silly behaviors like misneachs, Higgins hugs the dog’s playful spirit. After all, he knows that everything his furry friends do is out of love. So we should all be as kind to our dogs as Higgins to his.

Check out the adorable video here:

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