The last Royal Lines corgi has died


Queen Elizabeth II mourns Willow, one of her beloved corgis who died at the age of nearly 15. The dog had been battling cancer for some time. The Queen has mourned every corgi she has lost, but this is an especially difficult loss as Willow is the last in a long line of corgis she has bred and who shared the palace with her.

The Queen received a corgi named Susan as a gift from her parents, King George VI. And Queen Elizabeth when she turned 18 and bred dogs from this original dog for 14 generations. After owning more than 30 corgis, she descended from Susan and approached 92nd On her birthday, she said goodbye not only to Willow, but from the whole line. She decided years ago to stop breeding dogs so as not to leave a young dog behind and because she was concerned that she would get too old to be responsible for them. She has been known to take care of her dogs herself, go for daily walks and spend a lot of time with them.

Corgis will forever be associated with Queen Elizabeth II. Willow was made for her 90 in the official portraitth Birthday and The crown often shows the queen with corgis. Perhaps her dogs’ most famous appearance was the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony, where Willow was one of the dogs to perform with the Queen and James Bond. (The corgis first appear at 0:51 am and last at 2:27 am.) Queen Elizabeth has two other dorgis (Corgi-Dachshund mixes) named Vulcan and Candy. She is also said to have a corgi named Whisper, whom she adopted after the death of his guardian – a gamekeeper on her private property. (Rumor has it that she went whisper daily when the man was too ill to do this in the last few weeks of his life.)

Although the palace has not made an official comment on Willow’s death, which is considered a private matter, it has been reported that the Queen is taking it very hard. The general consensus is that she is heartbroken and devastated. No matter what your position in life is, there is no real comfort when a dog you love dies. I can understand little about the Queen’s life, but I can understand that and my heart is full of sympathy for her.

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