The McBickly Agreement


Just after noon today, a McBickly family spokesman said that after months of negotiations and many setbacks, an agreement had been reached between the McBicklys and their dogs, three Beagles, that would stem the Beagles’ explosive response to FedEx drivers. UPS and the US Postal Service. The dogs represented in the conversations indicated their satisfaction by sleeping in sunny spots on the McBickly’s living room carpet all afternoon.

Critics of the deal were quick to express their skepticism.

“The dogs defeated them,” said a neighbor whose back yard is adjacent to the McBicklys. “You were outwitted.”

While details of the deal have yet to be set in stone, Tucker and Mindy McBickly confirmed at a press conference later that day that the dogs had actually negotiated a number of concessions in order to uphold their promise of restraint. On the one hand, the meal time of the Beagles, which had already decreased from 5:00 to 4:15, is “reset” to 3:30 pm.

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