The overview of life with three dachshunds


It always amuses us all when every 12 pounds of Molly intimidates every 25 pounds of Baxter. And that is often the case. If Baxter even looks at Molly’s rawhide bone while she’s chewing on it, a deep, serious growl comes out from Molly. It’s a sound you think is impossible to get out of such a small snout. It’s almost like a pit bull is hiding behind the couch and is growling. Every time I see it happen, it reminds me that it’s not always the biggest dog that is the “big” dog. There have been instances when Baxter got a little too close to Molly’s consolation and she took enough of a sip to leave a mark. What does Maya do when this happens? Nothing. She just keeps chewing on her bone blissfully. I think when Molly came into the household, she and Maya came to some kind of understanding – namely, that Molly was going to be Maya’s muscle. This is kind of weird as Baxter and Molly spend a lot of time shadowing each other. But make no mistake: Baxter is always Molly’s slut, not the other way around. However, Maya and Molly’s love for each other is strongest when they are asleep.

I doubt it’s a girl thing. They weren’t littermates. Molly is three; Maya is almost ten. It’s hard to imagine why they would seek each other out when taking a nap or settling down for the night. But they do.

You can find them in any of several body configurations, usually those that would put a contortionist to shame. But their contortions always have one thing in common: they always touch. It’s just as likely that Molly would rest her head on Maya’s neck as Maya was doing the same to Molly. Each uses the other’s body as a blanket; Each often buries her entire face under the warm, soft peritoneum of the other. You have snuggled up against an art form. But I think what affects me even more and makes their behavior even more amazing is the way they purposely seek out each other.

We keep the dogs in the family room at night. They all sleep on a large, brown, comfortable chair that I always enjoyed in the past. Baxter is usually the first to climb the small dachshund stairs at the foot of the chair, where his bulk takes up most of the property. Next up is Molly, and without a growl or a look, she shoves Baxter out of the way and takes up the best spot next to one of the chair’s armrests. Baxter will put his head on the chair and start snoring. Molly? She sits. And she’s waiting. For Maya.

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