The rescued German Shepherd Dog plays the piano like a star


Children love learning new talent, and playing the piano is one of the most popular skills out there. So it makes sense that dogs should also be interested in playing instruments. Sadie, the cross between German Shepherd and Border Collie, has dreamed of being a professional pianist all her life. Now her mom has finally given her a chance in the spotlight.

In a viral video, the 6-year-old rescue puppy shows off her impressive piano skills. She only plays a 30 second song, but it’s so good that viewers want more!

Sadie lives in Canada with her family who she adopted from a local animal shelter. The lovable bitch has always been interested in learning new tricks, so her mother thought it was time to try something special. So she filmed her curious puppy and put her musical skills to the test. The song is a bit rocky, but everyone has to start somewhere. She also plays the piano better than some people.

Image: Rumble Viral YouTube

Sadie’s hit

Sadie begins her performance by jumping on the piano bench and turning on the piano. When her mother asks her if she can play the piano, she sits down politely. She carefully places one paw on the keys, creating the beginning of a beautiful performance.

Soon, Sadie feels confident in the spotlight. She taps the keys excitedly to continue the music. Everything seems to be going smoothly, but then she hits a wrong note. Instead of wiping it off and continuing the song, she becomes embarrassed. She covers her face with her paw, ashamed, but her mother encourages her to move on.

Embarrassed dog playing the piano
Image: Rumble Viral YouTube

So Sadie tries again, but moments later she makes another mistake. Once again she hides her face in shame. Again her mother tells her it’s okay. Mistakes happen so she doesn’t have to worry.

Finally, Sadie ends her performance with a bow. If there was a live audience in front of her, they would have gone wild. After all, she clearly has enough talent to be a professional piano player.

Whoever said you couldn’t teach an old dog new tricks has never met Sadie. Dogs love to learn and obviously have some career goals like us. Hopefully one day Sadie will realize her dream and play on a real stage. The tickets for her show would be sold out for sure.

See Sadie’s enchanting performance here:

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Featured Image: Screenshot, Rumble Viral YouTube

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