Tips on Creating a Dog-Friendly Workplace


In 2010, a study led by Christopher Honts of Central Michigan University found that the mere presence of a dog in the office can help people work together more effectively. The researchers also showed that employees who worked with a dog gave all of their teammates higher scores for trust and team cohesion than those who worked in dog-free groups. And now, a new study confirms what the people at The Daily Show said in a recent interview with The Bark: Dogs are the greatest destroyers for both dog owners and the dogless office workers, as well as collaborative “assistants”. This study was conducted by Randolph Barker, PhD, professor at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business. The results, published in March in the International magazine for health management in the workplacefound that dogs cushion the effects of day-to-day stress for their owners and make the job more satisfying for those they come in contact with. “Dogs in the workplace can make a positive difference,” said Barker. He also concluded that “the presence of pets can serve as a low cost wellness intervention available to many organizations that can improve organization satisfaction and perception of support. Of course, it’s important to have guidelines in place to ensure that only friendly, clean, and well behaved pets are present in the workplace. “(See the infographic on the subject created by

The American Pet Products Association recently surveyed 50 companies that welcome pets and discovered the following:

1. Less stress and absenteeism than in pet-free offices;

2. Employee productivity and morale increased when dog companions entered the world of work.

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