Tips on unemployment from my dog


I am unemployed. There. I said it. What if I was in denial? What if I’ve been “on vacation” for the last two months, been with friends and family, have collected severance payments and, fortunately, haven’t woken up to an alarm for the first time in three years? But now my current unemployment is starting to decline. I ended my “unemployment” phase and went into “Uh-oh, I stacked bills” mode. It occurs to me that looking at the world through the eyes of my newly rescued spaniel mix Murphy might calm my worries.

When I went to see Murphy tonight, I realized that he sees things from a very different point of view than I do. I mean, of course – he’s about four and a half feet shorter than me. But he also sees and appreciates things in a simpler way. Here are some of the lessons he teaches me every day.

Appreciate routine. Since Murphy doesn’t have a back yard for Murphy to frolic in, we go for walks at least four times a day. When he hears his leash ring or hear me ask “Wanna …” his eyes light up as if he was offered five pounds of raw beef with no restrictions. Who knew that a walk can be so exciting! I may be unemployed, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate and embrace my own new routines: a morning smoothie that I check for what LA gossip I’ve been missing in my email Log in to my account to see if there’s a job Leads got through to show my absolutely lovable dog around my neighborhood. I’m learning to appreciate my routine and I’m grateful for it because when I’m back in the nine-to-five routine I’ll dream of the “good old days” where I can do whatever I wanted to.

Eat well. I’m pretty sure I feed my dog ​​better than I do myself. I pay a little more for their food, but make them happy because I feel like I’m adding to the time we have together. Being out of work, I might not have a lot of money to go out for dinner, but I can still meet up with a friend for a drink and a starter at a trendy new hot spot. Just getting out of the house and being with my friends makes me feel better. As a self-proclaimed “foodie” I’ve also decided that it’s a good idea to start cooking. That’s why I search the internet for money-saving recipes and invite my friends over for dinner. They appreciate the home cooking – and maybe next time they’ll take me to the newest hot spot for dinner!

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