Top 5 Beach Dangers for Dogs


While beaches are a great place for pets to cool off, exercise, and play, there are some important precautions that need to be taken to keep pets safe, even on beaches specifically designed for dogs. Below are five of the top beach hazards for dogs, as well as tips on how to protect your dog from Trupanion.

1. Sun is burning – You may not know it, but even dogs can get sunburned. Their noses, bellies, and areas of particularly thin fur are vulnerable to the hot sun rays, so protecting your pooch is important. Shade some shade with an umbrella and consider dog-friendly sunscreen. (Many human sunscreens can be toxic to dogs. Be sure to avoid sunscreens that contain mineral zinc oxide, which can be harmful to your pup.) Also, consider wearing dog sunglasses to protect your pooch’s eyes from harmful rays protect.

2. Salt water – Your puppy may be inclined to wash up the salty sea water when he’s thirsty, but the salt, bacteria, and parasites in the water can make them sick. Prevent your dog from drinking salt water by providing plenty of fresh water. It is also important not to let the salt water dry on the fur as it can irritate the skin. Make sure your puppy is rinsed well with fresh water after swimming.

3. Seaweed and marine animals – As you explore the beach, you may come across washed-out marine life and other objects. Keep an eye on your dog to prevent him from curling up or eating something that could make him sick. Some areas are also at higher risk for marine animals such as jellyfish. So be sure to keep a close eye on the surrounding waters to ensure your pet’s safety.

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