Tripod dogs have their day in the sun


Last Sunday, July 8th, people and dogs from across the Bay Area gathered to celebrate three-legged and disabled dogs, share stories, and enjoy the good life in Duboce Park, San Francisco. The annual event started eight years ago by Franny Naserole after seeing a three-legged dog chasing a Frisbee. “I thought what if two three-legged dogs chased that Frisbee … or three?” remembered Naserole.

The dogs at the event on Sunday showed their movements and vivacity, proving that in most cases three legs should not be considered a disability. The event has expanded over the years to bring together all types of dogs with special needs, including amputees, dogs in casts, dogs in wheelchairs, and blind, deaf, and toothless dogs. Muttville, the Bay Area nonprofit dedicated to rescuing and housing older dogs, was well represented with volunteers and a variety of older dogs looking for permanent homes.

Photos of the day prove that love comes in all shapes and sizes and that three is indeed a lucky number!

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