Unflattering challenges for dogs are exactly what the world needs


Scrolling through social media can feel stressful these days. There is so much going on in the world and so many people argue about almost anything. This is why many dog ​​lovers turn to adorable dog photos to escape the craziness of the world. But in difficult times like these, not every dog ​​photo is enough. Thankfully, people all over the world have sparked the perfect social media craze: The Unflattering Dog Photo Challenge! Instead of sharing photos of your dog in a perfect pose, choose the photos that haven’t been cropped. The funnier your dog looks, the better!

It’s unclear where this challenge came from, but it quickly took over Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Out of nowhere, funny dog ​​photos blessed people’s messages. Lots of people keep sharing the silliest dog photos they can find and it’s impossible not to smile. Here are some of the highlights.

# 1 – This is an unusual smile.

Image: @ LumosNoxDanes / Twitter

# 2 – This dog seems to be playing wrong.

Flattering Frisbee Dog
Image: @ mamasanity / Instagram

# 3 – A look of sheer horror.

Traumatized dog
Image: @ fluffypiqasso / Instagram

# 4 – He looks like he’s up to something.

Flattering black lab
Image: Tayler DeLisle Facebook

# 5 – She may have partied a little too hard.

flattering birthday dog
Image: @ BethiesLife / Twitter

# 6 – help! This dog is falling apart!

Dog is falling apart
Image: Samuel G. Goodmand Facebook

# 7 – say cheese!

Flattering husky
Image: @ Payson_shields / Twitter

# 8 – This dog knows how stressful work can be.

Stressed dog at work
Image: @ fizzyjaws / Twitter

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# 9 – At the very least, this pup is trying to pose well.

Flattering Chihuahua smile
Image: @ schumacherm / Instagram

# 10 – This dog may have had a few too many treats.

Flattering dog stare
Image: @ tiki_wigglebutt / Instagram

# 11 – Do you think this dog will grow into it?

Flattering dog outfit
Image: Angie Aitkenhead Facebook

# 12 – dogs fall asleep in the strangest positions!

Flattering sleeping dog
Image: Clare Siddaway Facebook

# 13 – She may look like a princess, but she doesn’t seem to be acting like that.

Angry dog ​​on the water
Image: Stacy Cole Stephenson Facebook

# 14 – Be careful not to catch this dog in a bad mood!

Flattering dog yells
Image: @ sfsamoyedrescue / Instagram

# 15 – These two look like nothing but trouble.

Dogs in trouble
Image: Savannah Paasch Facebook

# 16 – This little dog just doesn’t feel it today.

Unflattered Chihuahua
Image: Harriet Line Facebook

# 17 – He seems sick of playing fetch.

Flattering Boston Terrier
Image: @ quinn_and_logan / Instagram

# 18 – Is he screaming with joy or fear?

Little dog screams
Image: Katie LeClerc Facebook

Do you want to have fun? Find the most flattering photo of your dog and share it on social media using #unflatteringdogphotochallenge. Remember, the stranger the photo, the better!

You can also view funnier photos with #unflatteringdogphotochallenge. Let’s help make this year look a little brighter with silly dog ​​photos.

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Featured image: Harriet Line Facebook and @ mamasanity / Instagram

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