Veterinarian Advice: Relieving Your Dog’s Itchy Skin


Question: Recently, my dog’s nocturnal scratching kept us both awake. Her fur appears dry and a bit flaky, and she also appears to be shedding more than usual. What can i do to help her?

Reply: Dogs itch for many different reasons and sometimes for no reason, and it’s not uncommon for the scratching to appear worse at night when the house is quiet. Every dog ​​has to scratch at some point, and that’s perfectly normal. But when a dog continuously licks, scratches, bites, and chews until it injures itself, the scratching becomes a symptom of an underlying pathology.

The medical term for scratches related to excessive itching is itching. This is the second most common reason people take their dogs to the vet (gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea top the list). The causes of itching can be quite complex, but there are two main reasons dogs itch. The first has to do with the condition of the skin itself: is it infected? Is it too oily? Is it too dry Of the three, dry skin is common. The second major cause of itching is allergies.

Dog itch? Omega-3 fatty acids soothe dry and itchy skin

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