“Vicious Dog” Actually Loving and Friendly


When Officer Frost responded to a call about a “vicious pit bull,” he was understandably cautious. He stopped in front of the house and left his car door open just in case he had to get back there quickly. The dog relaxed on the porch of the people who had made the call. The officer immediately suspected that the dog was not a scary, mean, or aggressive dog. He whistled at the dog, who trotted happily and relaxed with a happy tail whisk.

Frost began to stroke the dog, whose name is gold. After a minute of petting, Gold jumped into the patrol car and sat down. The officer snapped a few photos of his new buddy while they hung out waiting for an animal control officer to arrive.

Gold was reunited with its legal guardians 24 hours later thanks to its microchip. The family may have found their dog even faster, except that their contact information in the microchip database was not updated.

Obviously, police officers need to be careful with dogs they don’t know, just like everyone else. Likewise, obviously, it’s not a good idea to assume that a dog is malicious just because it looks like a pit bull or other breed of bullies. Gold is a sweet, loving dog and perfectly sociable. He had an adventurous and potentially stressful day, including a night in a shelter, until it was possible to track down his guards who came to pick him up immediately. Thanks to Officer Frost’s good reading of the situation and his openness to the possibility that Gold might be friendly, the situation didn’t develop into anything more serious.

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