#WhatWasYourDogMistakenForChallenge lets parents share their unique dog’s photos


Dogs come in so many beautiful and unique shapes and sizes. But from the smallest Chihuahua to the largest Great Dane, only a few can avoid being labeled incorrectly. Passing pedestrians always assumed that my beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was a girl. Some husky parents have to constantly convince others that they are not walking around a wolf. Lots of people have dogs and everyone has opinions.

This concept triggered a really delightful hashtag challenge: the #WhatWasYourDogMistakenForChallenge. Social media users took the opportunity to share their experiences with strangers who mislabelled their pups. Whether your dog looks like a wolf or a bear or a mop, you are going to be referring to these fun misconceptions.

“Is that a wolf?”

Molly Dombroski on Facebook

This assumption happens “every time …” accordingly Molly Dombroski, the mother of the beautiful dog.

Cassie is Not An Akita mix Or German shepherd dog

Katie Beaver via Facebook

Her mother notes that Cassie is indeed “a 95 +% high content wolfhound with a dash (less than 5%) of the Great Pyrenees, but people have the strangest ideas.”

“She’s just a white golden retriever!”

Kaarina Honkola on Facebook

This white golden retriever isn’t mixed up with anything, no matter what people assume. Her mother says the most common guesses are that she is a great Pyrenees.

No, not a squirrel

Patti Sue on Facebook

Despite her uncanny ability to climb trees, this Pittie has 0% squirrels in her DNA.

“Has your dog been stung by a bee?”

Vanessa Berntsen on Facebook

Moose, a 7-year-old mix of English Lab and Shar Pei, is mistaken for all sorts of things. No, she’s never stung a bee, and she doesn’t have a mastiff in her either.

Neither Wolf, nor Chow, nor Aussie

Paige Cyr on Facebook

Apparently, a lot of people seem to think that this dog is either part of Chow, part of Aussie, or part of Wolf. It is actually not one of the above.

“An Australian Shepherd, Nub and All”

Taylor Kinnaird on Facebook

Isaac is constantly mistaken for a St. Bernard, Husky, and Bernese Mountain Dog. However, his parents state that he is an Australian Shepherd Dog.

Not the English bulldog he sees

Kaylynn Sanka Mowatt on Facebook

While he is often confused with an English Bulldog, that’s not what this guy really is. His mother says:

“He was admitted to us in a rescue situation, so no, we didn’t buy him. He’s a bit quirky for a Frenchie, but we love him for who he is. “

The Lorax wishes he were so cute

Kirsty Leigh Allison via Facebook

Yes, the Dr. Seuss figure has a beard like this little puppy. But his mother insists that her dog “doesn’t speak for the trees”.

So rude to assume a lady is pregnant …

Fall Nicole Riggio on Facebook

Although Rose has a little extra to her, none of this is due to babies growing inside her. This Pittie / Heeler rescue mix is ​​currently on a diet, her mom says.

“She was fixed too soon and she eats like she has never been fed before.”

“An Ewok? A bear?”

Harriet Rose via Facebook

No Neither! Of course, we can all agree that this dog is at least extremely huggable.

“Baby Yoda”

Cassandra Trinette on Facebook

You would think this dog’s color would be an indicator that he isn’t an old Yoda.

Follow the hashtag #WhatWasYourDogMistakenForChallenge to see even more puppies and their misnomer.

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Featured image: Kaylynn Sanka Mowatt on Facebook, Katie Beaver on Facebook

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