Worst part about being poor: watch your dog die when you can’t afford to help


A few years ago my sister Marylin’s Peekapoo – a playful and affectionate dog named Oreo – went to the vet for light bleeding in his mouth. Any problem with blood is always a concern, but Oreo was only eight years old and otherwise in good health, so it wasn’t alarming. Maybe she had eaten something that had irritated her digestive system, we assumed.

The vet prescribed Rimadyl, an anti-inflammatory drug that is commonly prescribed for arthritis and other conditions.

Within a few hours, Oreo’s condition only worsened. She couldn’t eat and was obviously in need. From then on it got alarming. She became disoriented and could not stand or walk without falling. Then bleeding started. The cause of their sudden decline, however, was a mystery.

We called local vets and looked for someone who could see them right away. It was at this point that we discovered a cruel fact for pet owners with modest means. If you can’t hand in a ton of cash right away, often there is no way you can get your pet the medical care they need. Even in the worst of emergencies.

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